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    Inspired by The Johnsons…

    So if you read my post from this morning, you’ll understand these bags and the contents in them. I awoke ready to conquer our ‘stuff” with our bookshelves being first to be tackled. Don’t get me wrong I love books and I enjoy having them around. But when your child has so many books that he doesn’t even know what he has anymore, something's gotta give.
    I read him the story about The Johnsons at breakfast this morning. Let me just say that this concept is not foreign to my son. He has been brought up with this notion of living with less but there is something about telling a nine year old that he will need to part with some more of his toys that can bring about a moment of silence. However, he knows the drill because we do this at least twice a year. Yet, this time we discussed our goal of not bringing “stuff” back in after getting rid of it. That was where the silence came in. He’ll be fine.
    So this goal of zero-waste is something I am striving for. I know it won’t happen over night and I know it will mean my family and I being very conscientious about what we consume and probably inconvienced at times, but isn’t it worth it in the end? I will keep you posted from time to time of our progress.
    Just in case you are interested, here is the Zero-Waste Blog. I’m heading over there right now. :)
    ~live SIMPLY, live LOVELY~


    1. Such a good goal!! I especially liked the part about giving experiences rather than "things" as gifts. Paper towels really are the easiest thing to get rid of...but 6 pairs of shoes? No-can-do. I am most impressed that they bring their food home in jars. It seems like you'd really have to work with your grocer to make this happen...?

      Anyway, good luck! It's very inspiring!!

    2. I haven't yet read the story of the Johnson's but I will now. With my kids, we have a policy of two items out for any one item in. It's really just about their toys - started with stuffed animals. Now that I read your post today, however, I realize I've not been enforcing the policy. In recent years, when we host or go to birthday parties there is a request for no gifts - or maybe there's a used book exchange. That said, it's time for me to reconsider where we stand with the "stuff" in our lives. Thanks Tania!

    3. Hi Katie-I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of giving "experiences" instead of stuff. I use to donate for tree plantings & dedicate the trees in the name of the person I was giving to. However, over time I kind of let that practice go...sadly. We are definitely implementing this with Ty. I have my nephews b-days coming up so I will be explaining about our new gift giving and coming up with experiences to share with them. It's actually quite fun coming up with new ways to give.

      Yes, I think it would be a bit difficult going to the grocery stores here in Orlando with my jars. Whole foods might be more responsive. I will have to check that out. When I lived in San Francisco, we had bulk items very available yet I did't take advantage of it then...darn!

    4. Hi Julie-Wow, I love the idea of two items out for every one. I'm glad you could be "re" inspired by the article. Sometimes I think even when we are well intentioned for most of the time reading about a family like The Johnson's kind of lights that fire again. I know for me it had definitely re-ignited that passion for living with less. We are on a 30day "consuming fast" right now, including my 9 year old. The 30 days is really just a formality as we this really should be just the norm (not buying stuff that you don't really need). Yet, I thought having a definite goal for my son would help him stay motivated. I'll keep you posted on how it's going. :)

    5. aahh books are the toughest thing for me!! I did go through the ones "inside" the house this weekend and have a pretty heft box ready to be donated to the library. phew...it's just a constant monster to watch -- the monster that consumes, consumes, consumes...thanks for the continual motivation!

    6. Hi Lita-For me it's my design magazines. Ugghhh...this is one I struggle with. However, I did let go of quite a few of my faves. I just cut out the pages I would come back to at another time. Then, placed them in a binder and said 'goodbye' to the rest.

      I just brought a big box of books to the library today and it felt great! I'm actually really enjoying being more mindful of what I bring into the home. It has been quite liberating letting things go without bringing in anything new. I'm also loving being more aware of composting items rather than placing them in the recycling bin.:)


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