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    Big News…indobay has a new home!

    I’m pleased to finally announce that after many weeks, indobay has moved!
    I hope you will join me at my new home. Click the photo below:
    Yes... that's right!...indobay has MOVED and can now be found at the URL http://www.shopindobay.com./ I hope you'll come on over and see what I've been working on for the past several weeks.  Don't forget to change your RSS feed and links over while you're there.
    See you soon! 
    Psst...this old version will remain online for quite a while but will not be updated with any new content.  All the good stuff will be on the new site.  Head on over now.  : )


    Happy Friday…


    {image via A Thousand Words Tumblr}

    Oh how I hope your week has been a pleasant one! My week has been a good one filled with fulfilling shop orders, minor house renovations (pics soon) and a mishap earlier in the week which had me rushing our carpenter to the ER. Glad to report a few stitches later and all is well.

    The other major thing going on behind the scenes is the designing and building of the new indobay website which I am planning on launching next week…Yay! There are still lots of tweaks here and there that I could make but sometimes you just have to know when enough is enough and choose to set it free.

    Thanks for your patience as I’ve been posting less and less in preparation of the launch of the improved indobay site! I hope you will like it!

                HAPPY WEEKEND!


    Happy Monday with a new feature…The Blog Trail


    {image via French by Design}

    Hi all! I hope your weekend was wonderful and that your week has started off well.

    Some of you may have noticed that a while ago I did away with my blog roll that I had on the sidebar. I did this not because I no longer visited these blogs but because I felt like I wasn’t giving due attention to places that inspired me almost daily. There had to be a better way of giving these lovely blogs a more honorable ‘shout out’.

    So in my quest to try and get really creative in featuring blogs I love, I realized it was better just to keep it simple.

    Welcome to the Blog Trail…a new feature here where I will spotlight one of my favorite blogs every week. I love supporting and featuring lovely finds so why not do the same for blogs. Hopefully I will introduce you to some new sites or possibly reintroduce you to some old favorites that you may have forgotten about.


    (image via French by Design)

    Today I’d like to start with a site I visit almost daily, French by Design. French by Design is the lovely blog of Si, a French woman living in the U.S. with a passion for Scandinavian design and industrial era vintage finds. Her eye for great design is impeccable and I find myself anticipating reading her blog daily. Si also has an incredible shop of the same name as her blog where she sells her fantastic vintage finds. This shop is definitely worth a visit!

    Here are a few items from Si’s shop that I am coveting at the moment:



    I hope you will visit Si and her lovely online world {here} & {here}.

    ~live SIMPLY, live LOVELY~

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