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    Happy Friday…


    {image via A Thousand Words Tumblr}

    Oh how I hope your week has been a pleasant one! My week has been a good one filled with fulfilling shop orders, minor house renovations (pics soon) and a mishap earlier in the week which had me rushing our carpenter to the ER. Glad to report a few stitches later and all is well.

    The other major thing going on behind the scenes is the designing and building of the new indobay website which I am planning on launching next week…Yay! There are still lots of tweaks here and there that I could make but sometimes you just have to know when enough is enough and choose to set it free.

    Thanks for your patience as I’ve been posting less and less in preparation of the launch of the improved indobay site! I hope you will like it!

                HAPPY WEEKEND!

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    1. Looking forward to seeing renovation pix. And glad your carpenter is ok. I trashed my finger with a straight-peen hammer on Monday and the pain is finally beginning to lessen today.

      A new website?! In case I've not said it before, you are seriously on the ball. I've got my new logo ready to roll, but haven't yet managed to even put it on my website. Thank you for the inspiration!


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