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    Simply Thought{full}…Living happily with less


    ihaveeverythingineed  {photo via aesthetic outburst blog}

    So if you’ve been following my blog over the last few days, you are aware that my dedication to living lovely with less is definitely in high gear. I have lived this way for some time now but the notion of moving towards “zero-waste” was somewhat new to me. It always seemed a bit unattainable until now. I’m slowly educating myself on all the items that are actually compostable rather than just putting them in the recycling bins. Here is a recent list I found if you are also interested.

    My partner, my son and myself have embarked on a 30-day “consumer fast”. For the next 30 days we will not buy anything outside of basic necessities like food. The 30 days is really just a formality. We will not all of a sudden go crazy buying stuff we don’t need after 30 days. However, we thought having an totally attainable goal would be a good motivator for the little guy. We have adopted the mantra  “REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE AND IF ALL ELSE FAILS RECYCLE”. My partner who is a minimalist by nature is totally on board. My son however, is not as eager but willing. We asked him this morning what he was going to tell his grandparents if they wanted to buy him stuff (which they so often do for no reason). His response was, “I can’t have that because my parents won’t let me have anything anymore.” I can only imagine the phone calls that would illicit from the grandparents. We thought it better if he thanked them kindly and told them he just didn’t need it. ;)

    So, although I will still post my usual ramblings and inspirations, I hope you will join me as I keep you posted of our progress towards living simply, living lovely and maybe one day in the near future living with zero-waste.

    ~live SIMPLY, live LOVELY~


    1. Haha! He cracks me up! :D
      Thanks for the list...I'm heading over there now!

    2. Hi Katie-I'm sure you can just hear the little guy saying that. ;)


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