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    indobay inc…the story behind the name…


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    Over this past year I’ve had more than a few folks ask me about the name indobay.  I guess they couldn’t really figure out what the name had to do with hand printed items for the home. Well, it really doesn’t…at least not initially.

    indobay inc. is actually a name my partner was going to use for his small surf company he was launching on the side. However, when his “main” biz took off he just didn’t have the time to launch indobay inc. That is until I came along!

    I was looking to launch a small brand of lifestyle goods that were modern in design yet served as lovely, gentle reminders of a slower more thoughtful way of life.  I had this vision of working on my designs and products from a charmingly small, bright, almost shack-like (but in the best possible way) studio. I pictured my little shack flooded with light. This space would be simple and unpretentious and just the most lovely space to create the home goods that I imagined. In my mind it would be just a few steps from an idyllic stretch of land or a body of water where I could look outside the windows or step outside my door and be able to reconnect to nature and be inspired immediately. My little place would be the epitome of living a simple but lovely lifestyle where one could walk around all day barefoot, enjoying the warm breezes, indulging in a carefree, easy breezy way of life. Creativity, ease and a general sense of well-being would ooze out of its every crevice & hug all those that entered.


    So here I was looking for a name for my small biz and here was my guy with a biz name he wasn’t going to use. indobay just seemed like the perfect place to bring my designs & dreams to life.


    So, no, an actual studio in a place called indobay, doesn’t really exist (at least I don’t think it does). My little studio is nestled in a light filled room in my home in Orlando, Florida. Yet every time I’m working on what I love I am immediately transported to this magical place that exists only in my mind, my heart and in every item that I create!


    {my actual studio}


    live SIMPLY, live LOVELY!


    1. This is interesting! I never knew where the name came from but I've always loved it and think it's suits your items well!!

    2. Hi Katie and Haley-Thanks! I always liked the name too even before I began using it. It always sounded like this magical, serene place that I would love to go to and just be inspired to create! It seemed only natural to use the name and hopefully infuse that sense of inspiration & general happy feeling into what I love to make. :)

    3. awe! cute!

      ps- i tagged you in a serious of questions. i hope you play along and link it back to me so i can read what you wrote :)


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