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    What’s New Wednesday…

    So if you follow me on my Facebook page then you already know that what is new this Wednesday isn’t really new but has been tweaked a bit. I originally launched my Modern Messenger Bird back in March.


    He was born out of a desire to try a new medium, which was clay, and also out of a desire to create something that when received by someone would make their hearts melt and put a smile on their faces. (actually this is my hope for all my items)This little guy’s sole responsibility was to send sweet messages of happiness!

    So over the last few months this little guy has spread messages of LOVE, BIRTHDAY WISHES, & HOPE! That made me very happy!

    So why the change to this little fella? The honest truth is he was just soooo time consuming to make! Lets just say the amount of sanding to get him to look that dapper made this gal’s hands twist & ache! I even took him out of the shop for a little while because, frankly, the $24 I was charging for him didn’t represent what I should have been charging had I factored in the actual time it took to get him ready for flight. I even purchased special tools that I thought would cut my time in half but that never really worked as well as the hand forming & sanding.

    Long story a little shorter, I missed him and I loved the idea behind him. I just needed to find a way to maintain a similar aesthetic as the original but create him in such a way that made me feel good about making him again. I think I have done it! He’s smaller (less for me to sand), and shaped a bit different (easier for me to form) but still carrying sweet messages (this time on an egg hatched especially for you)!

    modbirdie022010-horz                          {before}                                                              {after}

    I recently made some as “Thank you” favors as part of Welcome Bags I put together for my fiance’s nephew’s Bar Mitzvah. I can happily report I enjoyed every moment of it!


    P.S. I’m curious. If you also have a small craft biz have you ever had to “tweak” some of your items or do away with them completely to make it more cost effective for you?


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