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    Hello, Come on in…

    ~~fabric piles
    ~~please come in (tote bag design in the works)
    ~~ sewing table and chair
    ~~sewing machine (simple yet functional)
    ~~ favorite pin cushion by newhouseproject

    ~~vintage chalkboard
    ~~illustration pens
    ~~printing/sewing books i love
    ~~little danish vintage table i painted white
    ~~dresser filled with fabrics (tags help me know what’s inside)

    {thanks for visiting}


    1. Oh, I'm loving that new tote bag!!! So fresh and happy!

    2. So light and beautiful!
      My workroom gets smaller every day (maybe I'm just imagining it OR maybe it's time for a big clean-out)....

    3. Hi Katie-I have to say I do like it also. I've wanted to get it into the shop but I kept thinking I was going to change it a bit. You've inspired me to keep it as is. :)

    4. I'm right there with you Rebecca. My studio space seems to stretch into the kitchen, dining room...wherever I can hear my music and find a flat surface. ;)


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