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    Wood & A little Imagination...

    ...so this week we are on Spring Break. Today we decided to not plan anything to do but just stick around the house, invite the cousins over and play outdoors.

    So what do you do when you have a pile of scrap wood in the backyard from the renovation? You build, of course...instant homemade blocks! :)


    1. You all have fun this week!! Looks like you're off to good start! ;)

    2. I saw your new dish towel on the front page of etsy! Very nice :)

    3. Hi Katie! So far we are having a blast! Went to DeLeon Springs yesterday...very beautiful! Next time you are in town I'd highly recommend checking it out! :)

    4. Hi Kristen! Thank you so much...as you can imagine I was super excited to see my towel featured! :)


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