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    Happy Days are here again...

    ...because I have my new laptop. It has been quite frustrating the past few weeks for a lack of a better word. My old laptop would turn off unexpectedly, decide not to turn on at all, would work and then go into a black screen...blah, blah, blah. But no longer!!!!

    My new lovely is purring like a kitten and is making this lady so very, very happy!


    1. Yahoo!!! being the techie nerd that I am, I have to ask "what did you get"? It makes such a difference to have the tools you need to do the stuff you want to...especially blogging!!! yahoo!!

    2. Hi Jen! I got a Dell Inspiron 15 and I'm loving it! I contacted Ben's tech guy to give him a list of requirements that I needed in a new computer. Of course, speed for internet access, blogging, large storage capability of photos, etc. were KEY. He gave me two options in my price range and I chose this one. It has been so frustrating these past few months with my last computer. I knew I couldnt' continue using the other computer and finally took the financial plunge! Yay!!! :)


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