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    Welcome to My Tea {towel} Party!…

    teepee6 {teepees & rivers tea towel}

    I love tea towels, dish towels, whatever you choose to call them. I love making them, I love using them and I especially love giving them. A bottle of wine wrapped in a lovely tea towel is one of my favorite gifts to give. I’ve ordered some SO pretty that it’s really difficult for me to use {or give them away} but I eventually do. They just make the kitchen so much prettier and drying dishes feel less like work. I thought I’d share just a small sample of some of the towels I’m coveting at the moment:

     Moose Tea Towel

    {leah duncan-love her work!}


    {Studio Patro}


    {skinny laminx}


    {manusmade on etsy}

    Just in case you were wondering about some other uses for tea towels here is a great post I found on Apartment Therapy that lists 8 fantastic uses:

    8 Uses for Tea Towels


    1) Keep them in the bathroom as guest towels. We like the patterns and textures of tea towels in the bathroom for drying your hands.

    2) Use them as placemats or napkins. A set of color-coordinated tea towels in various patterns brings new life to a table setting.

    3) Line shelves inside cabinets. Tea towels on kitchen cabinet shelves can absorb excess water from freshly dried glasses. Just remember to take the towels out and wash them every once in a while.

    4) Sew throw pillows. See Martha Stewart for the how-to.

    5) Use them to keep rolls hot. To serve warm bread, my mom lines a basket with a tea towel and covers the bread to keep it from cooling.

    6) Line a tea tray. This is the original use for tea towels, hence the name. They were designed to absorb spills when serving tea.

    7) Wrap a gift. A present wrapped in a tea towel gives the recipient two gifts, and creates reusable packaging.

    8) Make a table runner. Sew a set of tea towels end-to-end to make a patchwork table runner.

    The original post is {here}.

    *After note: After already posting my tea {towel} party I stumbled upon these beauties from Keep Calm Gallery. I just had to share ‘cuz I’m loving the typography towels. See {here}.

    Do you have any other ideas? Please feel free to post in the comments. Thanks much!

    ~live SIMPLY, live LOVELY~


    1. Gorgeous - all of them! I love colorful ones in reds and golds, they seem to go then with every room of my house :)

    2. I love the moose so cute! Love the idea of using them to wrap gifts and wine bottles. Hope you have a great day. Love your new teepee towl.


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