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    My architect hero…a special Tuesday Interior Love


    Those that know me really well know that I am notorious for changing things around in my home. A side table that once graced the living room is not safe from possibly ending up in a bedroom or even a bathroom. I just can’t help myself. Yet, there is one item that is consistently in my living room, within arms reach. It is the above book, Bohemian Modern by Barbara Bestor. This book is my design bible and Barbara Bestor is my design guru.

    I could never really pinpoint my design style and when people would ask, my standard answer was, “I don’t have any one particular style. I just surround myself with the things I love.” However, I knew I loved a modernist aesthestic but with touches of whimsy and playfulness always. I love a mix of wood, glass, concrete, clean lines mixed with pops of bright colors. An unpretentious mix of vintage, with junk store finds is right up my alley. It’s also important that my home incorporates a seemless blend between inside and out. I am fortunate that my home has many windows and fantastic light. So when I first saw Barbara’s book I knew this style was ME! When people ask me now I still shy away from actually labeling my style but I know that the Bohemian Modern aesthetic is definitely what catches my eye.

    Since discovering Barbara Bestor’s book a few years ago, I have been slightly obsessed with her work as an architect. I guess you could say I exhibit slight stalker-like behaviors when it comes to the work of Ms. Barbara…but only in the friendly, non-creepy way, of course. She always designs these fabulous homes that feel so bright, warm, friendly and lived in, which I love. No showcase homes for me!


    These images are of Barbara’s first home in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.{I have to admit I am also slightly obsessed with this creative, electic neighborhood in California.} My goodness…it takes a special vision to see the potential in what the pre-existing home could be.


    This is Barbara Bestor’s new home also in the Silver Lake area. I love the contrast of the concrete exterior with the warm interior which is nestled with warm woods, pops of bright colors and playful elements. I am absolutely nuts over that disco ball!


    I have looked at these images countless times yet never get tired of looking at them and always find inspiration in this space.

    Here are some images from one of my favorite spaces, The Floating Bungalow in Venice, CA which Ms. Barbara also designed.


    My heart swoons…definitely a serious case of house infatuation! If you are craving some more Bestor eye candy then I urge you to head over to her website which has more architectural gems that she has designed.

    Thanks for indulging me in my architect crush. :)

    {all images via here}

    ~live SIMPLY, live LOVELY~

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