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    A Place for Everything & everything in it’s place…could it be?


    This new gadget has made its way around the internet but just in case you missed it, let me introduce you :

    NoteSlate, these are the nice, friendly folks.

    Friendly folks, this is NoteSlate which could very well be GENIUS! A simple, lovely way for me to FINALLY have one place for all my scribbles, doodles and notes that I am infamous for having in way too many notebooks.

    This is the mission of the makers of NoteSlate:

    “This low cost gadget is very useful for everyone in a daily life. You can keep it anytime with you. Every day you need some notes, meeting notes, sketches, concentrate on your work. This e-paper tablet could help you to make that process as simple as possible. Immediately. The low consumption technology is enough for that .... Our target are all the people out there (creatives, managers, accounts, planners, future thinkers, writers, drafters, teachers, children, schools, geeks, all living people also in the third world, who needs to grab ideas on the paper and are still doing that with pen. And for the lowest possible price, it will be accessible for all the parts of the world. And the highest value it has are your own notes, ideas,...”

    They had me at “low cost gadget” and the fact that it sure can save me from keeping one more notebook and help simplify life just a bit more. Therefore, I’ll take one please…in June, 2011 that is, when they launch officially.

    So what do you think? Would you use one? How do you keep track of all your lists, sketches, notes, etc. now?


    1. I so would need something like that as I have tons of notes all over the place...hahah:) Have a lovely day, my dear

    2. You and me both! I have notebooks almost every place I think I may get some "genius" idea that I don't want to miss out on. The problem is then I don't really know which notebook has which idea...not practical nor simple. I'm curious to see how it will actually work and if it is as great as I imagine. :)


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