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  • Love Carries All…including a GIVEAWAY! Happy Valentine’s Day! ~ indobay, inc.


    Love Carries All…including a GIVEAWAY! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    lovewhale                                                   {photo via Rococco Company}

    Happy, Happy HEART day!
    I wish you all a day full of sweet hugs, kisses, and all things that make you HAPPY!
    Any special ways of celebrating? I'm celebrating by GIVING AWAY one of my Simple List Tea Towels.


    For a chance to win:

    • leave a message in the comments telling me a simple but lovely way you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
    For extra entries (please leave a separate comment for each entry):
    • Sign-up for my e-news {here} & receive an exclusive discount code with each newsletter.
    • “like me” on facebook {here}
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    I will randomly choose a winner this Friday, February 18, 2011 and announce the winner on Monday, February 21. Thank you so much for entering and Good luck! :)

    ~live SIMPLY, live LOVELY~


    1. Hello!)first of all i realy like your towels, because one of my hobbies is cooking and i spend a lot of time in the kitchen.
      my way to celebrate this day (and also other days)is to cook something tasty for my husband - wait for him and have a warm evening sharing our love with each other and maybe to add some hearts decoration to feel the spirit of this day!)

      Thank you!

    2. Hmmm...maybe a new tradition, sushi with friends! ;)

    3. valentines day for us has never been a big deal ... we usually working or the hubby has been deployed in the past. Being 7 months pregnant this year i plan on sleeping!!

      but i do love the tea towel (along with you know 99% of your shop). & i already follow you on twitter & your facebook link doesn't work but i think i may be a fan!

    4. We like to celebrate valentine's day by staying in with a good bottle of wine, homemade dinner we make together, and watching jeopardy.

      PS I've been eyeing up your towels forever!

    5. I'm sitting on my couch, relaxing in front of a nice toasty fire with my cute and chunky french bulldog..bubby-lubby :) Of course I already follow you on FB and Twitter :)

    6. Our valentines this year was the best. I actually got forced into work for a twelve hour shift. At 1:00 my husband brought all my kids to my police station that I work at and they were carrying flowers. It was great because I thought I would not get to see my fAmily all day and to my surprise I got to see them all. Even if for a brief moment it was the best.

    7. i follow on twitter :) (@herlongwayhome)

    8. What a lovely giveaway - your towels are great.
      Valentines Day I spent at the dentist but tonight I planned a nice dinner for husband and I to just enjoy the evening together.

    9. I have signed up for your email news!

    10. Aww..what a sweet way to celebrate V-day:) For me Valentine's day is all about a cozy dinner in our favourite Greek place, glass of Italian wine and long walks in the rain:)Kisses

    11. Just found your blog. Cute towels! :)

      Valentines Day to me should be spending time with the people that you love most, even if its just being at home.


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