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    Ready or not…

    here I come! Tomorrow is the Homespun Chic Marketplace which is a local event here in Orlando. So, although I’m super excited I’m also super nervous at the same time. I don’t really know what I’m so nervous about. I’ve done all I can to prepare and now it’s time just to enjoy. There’s been a lot of local press about this event so I think that’s what fueling the butterflies.

    Anyhow, as much as I’m excited about tomorrow’s event I’m also looking forward to moving forward after the event & working on new stuff and resuming a normal pace & routine for a bit.

    Wish you all could visit tomorrow but seeing how some of you live half way around the globe, I’m thinking that isn’t going to happen…how about just in thoughts! ;)

    Here are a few pics of my products displayed on my dining room table. I’ve literally taken over the whole house and then some…



    ~create, love & inspire!~


    1. yay exciting ... i wish i could come (sad face). have a super fabulous day! note to self ... measure table!

    2. you're going to do fab! presentation is half of these kinda things and girl, you got it going on!

      hope you have a blast and sell a lot of your goodies!! good luck

      ps- adam&i drank out of your lovely mugs yesterday morning! we both love them! thanks again! :)

    3. Oh wow, it looks amazing, I know your presentation was beautiful, I can just imagine. How did it go?

    4. Looks great! I can't wait to hear about it!

    5. Hello ladies! Thanks so much for the kind words and support!!! The event went well & I was quite surprised at the turn out considering less than desirable weather. I'm already looking forward to the next event in the Springtime.

      Laura- I measured the length of the table but neglected to consider the width. I definitely could have used a bit more room. Lessons learned for the next event.

      Amber-As I'm sure you already know it's all in the packaging and presentation, at least in drawing people to your goods. Luckily, I love, love, love packaging and the whole entire presentation aspect. I just find it so much fun to brand everthing so that the look is cohesive and just pretty. :)

      Thanks again ladies! Now I am ready to move forward and take the next step with the biz. More on that later.


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