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    Engagement bird?…yes, you read that correctly


    wedbird8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    {The Proposal}

    The tale of two started with a simple, quiet request...

    "marry me?” was spoken in a hushed & loving tone. Although certain of what her answer would be she was charmed by his slight nervousness.The answer...YES!

    I'm a modern gal but I become mush at hearing sappy love stories and the tale of how someone proposed. With so many summer weddings just around the corner, I got to thinking about how it began for some of these couples. What was their proposal story?

    Imagine opening a lovely wooden box to find this charming little white bird nestled in a nest of straw with the sweetest of messages for you... “marry me?”

                          wedbird6  ~~ring optional~~ ;)

    Who wouldn’t be charmed off their feet with a sweet, slightly quirky I admit, proposal like this! Click here to go to the shop.

    ~Happy. lovely weekend!~

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