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    “Tag…You’re it!” Kick Off Day


    …is finally here!!! Today marks the first day of the on-line version of the childhood game. Do you remember when you were a kid on the playground? A good game of “Tag” was almost a sure-fire way of  kids who didn’t know each other very well becoming fast friends by the end of the game!

    Happily, I’ve collaborated with quite a few folks from Paper ‘n Stitch to get a game going & I couldn’t be more excited! It’s our way of sharing some of the beautiful talent over at Paper ‘n Stitch. As my son would say, “Sharing is Caring”. ;) It’s also my hope that just like your childhood days, new friendships will be made  along the way.

    So here is how it will work in a nutshell. Almost daily for the next couple of weeks a new “maker” will be “tagged” and featured on the site of a fellow artist. It’s that simple but should be “oh so  much fun!!”! To keep up with who is being tagged just keep checking back here at indo bay where I will link you to where you need to go to see who  has been tagged that day.

    So I’m heading off to get my shorts and sneakers on. I think I’ll stretch a bit before the game begins ‘cuz this gal isn’t as young as she use to be. Getting ready to call all my playmates to meet me at the playground. I’ll be the one today yelling out, “Tag…you’re it!” So meet me at the Playground to see who I’m going to be tagging…Can’t wait!

    See ya soon!


    1. Who's it going to be? I can't wait to see and learn more about the amazing sellers on pns.

    2. That is what I'm most excited about...getting to know more of the talent on PNS. I've had an opportunity lately to visit the sites/blogs of some of the artists on PNS but it's always nice to see what others have to say.:)


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