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    The Ardent Sparrow…


    “Tag…you’re it!” Oh I am super excited to be able to “tag'’ this lovely, lovely shop! I have to admit, I am not typically into jewelry but there was something about Rebecca’s creations that immediately drew me in & I was instantly smitten! Her designs are quite charming to say the least and the colors are utterly yummy! The Ardent Sparrow seems to capture a nostalgic feel of a time long ago when men and woman dressed elegantly from head to toe for a night out on the town. Can you see yourself  dressed in a beautiful gown wearing one of Rebecca’s creations? I most certainly can. Which one’s would you pick?


    If you have a chance, stop by The Ardent Sparrow blog. It is just as sweet & charming as her designs!

    So who will be tagged next? Be on the lookout at The Ardent Sparrow blog to find out who Rebecca will be “tagging”. (You can also check back here to find out.)

    ~create, love & inspire!~



    1. Thank you Tania... It looks SO lovely!

    2. haha - This sweet shop was on my short list for our tag game. Good taste!

    3. Oh I love The Ardent Sparrow! I was lucky enough to be featured on Rebecca's blog when I was starting out, I have been a fan ever since. Her photography is so whimsical and pretty, it draws you in.

    4. Hi Sarah-Yes, yes we DO have good taste.;) It really is a sweet shop!

      Have a wonderful evening!


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