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    I hope you will forgive me…

    …for not being around these last couple of days. I am preparing for a local craft event and have been so very busy sewing, printing, and packaging. Sadly I will be somewhat scarce over the next few days.  What’s New Wednesday will have to wait until next week. But don’t despair, I have lots of goodies that I can’t wait to share with you.

    Plus, I may have some good news that I'm hoping to share with you soon…just working out all the parts and pieces. If it all comes to fruition you all will be the first to know! Keep your fingers crossed, send out all the good vibes, knock on some wood…I’ll take it all! ;)

    Til later!
    create, love, & inspire


    1. Thinking happy thoughts for you!!

    2. Hope it all works out and you have good news to share! I can't handle secrets!

    3. Hi Amber! Hi Katie! Thank you so much for the happy thoughts. I should know more by the beginning of next week. Can't wait to share...hopefully it's good news! :)


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