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    "What's New Wednesday"...

    ...so here's my first addition to what I hope to be a weekly feature called, "What's New Wednesday". I will be adding a new item every Wednesday to the shop to keep it fresh and updated.

    Just added a sweet, upcycled bud vase to the shop. It's my interpretation of mushrooms playing hide and seek in some fresh foliage. What does that say about me that I imagine little mushrooms playing???? ;)

     I'm having so much fun finding little thrift store finds and adding my own illustrations. If you are local in Orlando and know of some great thrift stores please feel free to let me know. Thanks! :)


    1. What a cool thing to go hunting for in the thrift stores! That alone will inspire your work, how awesome. And being thrift store stuff they are completely one of a kind too, so fun. Love your fresh designs, mushrooms are adorable. Nice to "meet you" I'm one of the fellow fishies.

    2. Thanks Amber! I love going to thrift shops. I think it's the thrill of the hunt of trying to make that one special find that makes your heart go pitter pat! :)


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