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    I'ts 4:30 am and I Can't sleep...

    ...because I'm so excited about this e-course I'm taking called, "In the Fish Bowl". It's a course that discusses life as a creative entrepreneur online and how to make a living doing what you love while learning how to market yourself and maneuver as an online artist. The course is taught by a wonderful woman named Marisa who has an equally amazing shop called Creative Thursday. I've only just begun the course but already my head is spinning and the creative juices are overflowing! Can't wait to share this part of my journey with you all.

    Off to try and get some sleep! ;)


    1. This sounds exciting! ...I was up late last night too!

    2. Can't wait to hear about it!!! I bet it will be simply awesome!

    3. Hi Katie and Jen-It is all super exciting and very inspiring! I will certainly keep you posted. :)

    4. Hello, fellow fishie! Just saying hi to my fellow bowlmates!

    5. Tania that sounds awesome! Good luck and cant wait to hear more! :) Happy monday!

    6. Hi, i am in your class..me too am too overflown with everything to be able to sleep properly. This is so thrilling..


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