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    Simple project...

    ...in celebration of Valentine's Day. I guess this is kind of like the "advent calendar" but for the days leading up to Valentine's day not Christmas. What you will do is create little messages each day leading up to February 14 for someone special. In this case, I made this one for my son because he loves getting little notes! Now, the following is how I did it but you certainly can make it as easy or as creative as you'd like. :)

    Have fun and here goes:

    -fabric paint or markers
    -number stamps. If you don't have numbered stamps don't fret. You can just write the numbers with a
      marker that will show up on felt.    
    -sewing machine (if you have) or you can hand-stitch or even just staple the hearts
    -paper to cut the little rectangles. I used heavy weight art paper but whatever paper you have on hand I'm
      will do just fine.

    Get started:
    1. Cut out 14 felt hearts. I used white but you can use whatever color/s you'd like.
    2. Cut out 14 paper rectangles big enough to accommodate the size heart you cut out.
    3. If you have number stamps then this is when you will get out the paint and dab some paint onto
        your stamp. Then stamp your felt. Voila...you have a numbered heart! Do this until you have stamped or
        marked all 14 hearts.
    4. Once you've let the paint or marker dry completely you can begin sewing the felt hearts onto
        the paper. If you are machine or hand-sewing just zip a straight seam right across the top part
        of the heart. If you don't want to sew at all you can just staple the heart to the paper.

    5. All that is left is to write down your sweet sentiments on the cards. Each day have that special someone
        lift up the heart to reveal a hidden message!


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