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    Matters of the heart...

    ... with quotes and notes. So with it being February 1, I've got some serious love on the brain. Yes, some can argue that Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday, blah, blah, blah. But I am a huge believer in love and a hopeless romantic! So, any excuse for me to spread a little more love is all right with me.

    (spanish love note by quotes and notes)

    (fabric flower brooch with poem by quotes and notes-How romantic!!)

    In celebration of all things love I thought I'd take this month to appreciate different artisans whose work I think conveys a beautiful sentiment in the most creative and loveliest of ways!

    (wood mini notepad by quotes and notes)

    I am a sucker for meaningful quotes, lyrics and simple expressions! quotes and notes is a wonderful shop I came across that definitely caught my eye. This shop shares my love of simple items that are beautiful yet functional. Of course let's not forget the quotes and lovely words she uses in her work! You can find more from quotes and notes here.

    Tania :)

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