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    The Years Are Short

    Recently I posted about my son's birthday and my ambivalence at seeing him growing up. As much as it makes me happy, it also makes me sad to think my little boy won't be so little soon enough. Recently I ran across a book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The author spent time experimenting with different approaches to finding satisfaction and happiness. She created this short video which I wanted to share with you. It is a one-minute gentle reminder to savor the moments in life, even those that may not seem that important or even much fun because even though the "days are long, the years are short."

    I think I will appreciate my car ride to and from school with Ty just a bit more today! :)


    The Years Are Short


    1. It is so surreal that he is 8 now!! I remember being 8 and it was just one of my favorite years as a child....I just remember being happy and loved....which is all I could ever want for that little love bug...that he's always happy and knows how very much he's loved!

      Auntie Jen

    2. Thanks for making me cry, Tania! That was a sweet video. ;)


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