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    Fab Find...

    ...while perusing the local Good Will store. Everyone that knows me knows I have an love for wooden toys...the older, the better. Now although my child will be eight years old next week I couldn't help snag this little charmer.

    How could you not love this little blue whale!

    Who says camels, gators and ducks can't frolick together peacefully?

    No noisy, flashy, plastic toy here...

    Happy Weekend!


    1. These are adorable! I love little wooden toys like that, there is something so whimsical and irresistible in their simple design.


    2. Oh, I love calm, non-flashy, wood toys. The best gift Noah got for Christmas? A wooden marble run - he's played with it for hours and he's come up with dozens of different intricate configurations... Your find is indeed fab - and vintage/used no less. I love it!

      Happy 2010, Tania!


    3. Love these adorable wooden toys! Hope my future daughter will too ;)

    4. Hi everyone! I'm glad to see others who also have an appreciation for toys that don't talk back to you. ;)

      Have a great weekend!


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