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    eye candy...

    found on Ink & Wit's blog, http://www.inkandwit.blogspot.com/. The beautiful photos are from bailey's home and garden. I have had the pleasure of owning one of Mark and Sally Bailey's books, simple home. It is a delight to read and I never tire of the calming photos and soothing words that describe their design philosophy and aesthetic. Until today I had no idea they had a website that showcased their brilliance! Bailey's philosophy is "repair, reuse, rethink". And they do so in the most fantastic way! Check out their website at http://www.baileyshomeandgarden.com/.


    1. Love the new moleskine in your shop!! It's so exciting to watch your store grow with so many great items!

    2. Hi Tania! Sounds and looks right up my alley! I will definitely check out their website...thanks for sharing these lovely photos!! And thank you for your kind words on my blog this morning :)

      :) T


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