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    What’s New Wednesday…A Call for Your Help


    Hi there! Hope your day is going along smoothly. I on the other hand experienced some technical difficulties this morning called “my car won’t start!” a.k.a.—a VERY DEAD  battery. Luckily all I needed was a quick dose of AAA and a car mechanic…problem solved!

    So speaking of technical…part of my 2011 goal of growing my biz included designing and creating a brand spanking new website.

    Ya see, the site I have now is really just a blogger blog that I’ve kind of rigged into a “make shift” website. However,  I realized if I am serious about growing the business I needed my website to reflect this growth and function like a “real, grown-up” site.

    So with all that being said, I have been working quite diligently and obsessively to get my site functioning the way I would like. If I haven’t already mentioned it, I decided to ATTEMPT  to create my website without hiring a web designer, but with the assistance of web designer Tara Gentile and her webdesign course. This has been an absolute crazy ride full of anxiety, frustration, “aha moments”, pride, defeat, and triumph. I can say without a doubt that this has been a challenge that I have embraced fully and that I’ve developed a love/hate relationship for. My Mr. keeps telling me to go ahead and hire a web designer but I scoff at the idea! He should know me better than that…I will meet this challenge head on as I usually do. Smile

    So, as much as I would like to do this on my own, I realized I am not building this site for me. I am building it for YOU. Therefore, I would like to ask for your help.

    I want my site to be pretty and reflect me and my brand. More importantly I want it to function so that all the information that you as a visitor would want and need is right there for you to peruse and share easily.

    If you have a few moments, I would love your feedback about what functions you would like to see on the new indobay inc. site.

    When you  visit a website, what are the things that frustrate you as well as make visiting someone’s site a pleasure. I know for me, if I don’t see an easy way to contact the person, I usually won’t take the time to find out how.

    Whatever information you think would help me in my endeavour will be highly valuable. If you see a website that you love, please feel free to share the link with me and let me know what it is about this site that you love and that makes you want to go back to it.

    Feel free to leave me a comment below or if you’d prefer, you can e-mail me at tania@shopindobayinc.com.

    If all goes well, I am hoping to launch the new site at the end of this month. Wish me luck and thank you so much for your feedback. I really do appreciate it.

    live SIMPLY, live LOVELY

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