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    Simple Lesson learned…My “aha” moment…


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    I am a mentor. Did I ever tell you that? Every week I go to my son’s school and meet my little girl. I was told she needed some extra help with math.

    I started mentoring this little girl in February and in all this time we have not dipped into math at all. My mentee (is that even a word?) never seems to remember to bring her math book with her and so every week we just sit and talk while she eats lunch. We spend about 30 minutes just talking about what she has done that week at school, how things are at home, what I've been up to, my family and other bits of this and that.

    So today as I was busy working on my new website, & finishing up an order I was doing some mental fussing about not wanting to go meet my mentee today. I just had so much I wanted to get done. I even thought about just not showing up thinking I really wouldn’t be missed. “We never practice math anyway”, I thought.

    However, I showed up and learned a valuable lesson!

    My little girl had a big smile waiting for me when I appeared. She didn’t have her math book as usual yet this time I didn’t care. She grabbed her lunch, came outside to meet me and explained how she looks for me every week. We found our usual bench and began our weekly catching up session. She told me about a new book she had and so we took turns reading to each other.

    My “aha moment”…it wasn’t about the math!! Duh!

    Here I was feeling badly every week because I felt like I wasn’t doing my job. I was suppose to be helping her with math, wasn’t I? Yet, I was helping her. For those 30 minutes I was connecting with her. I was listening thoughtfully, sharing and just being with her.

    It made me think about life in general and this journey I’ve taken of living more simply, and embracing the “real” simple moments in life. I write about living Simply, living Lovely. I strive to create handmade products that embody that sentiment.  I really do make a conscious effort to bring simplicity into my life as much as possible. But, I am human.

    It took this nine year old, sweet little girl to remind me of what is really important. It isn’t always about the “doing” but about the “just SIMPLY being” and connecting. So I think for the remainder of the day, I will put the orders away, shut down the computer and just connect to what really matters. The rest can wait til tomorrow.

    Had any “aha” moments lately? How do you reconnect to what is truly important? How do you embrace simplicity in your life?

    Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you will take time to be kind to yourself. Smile

    As always, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below or feel free to email me at tania@shopindobayinc.com.

    ~live SIMPLY, live LOVELY~


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    1. awww that's so sweet!! I love it..what a great reminder...as we all always need reminders to stop and smell the roses (well, at least I do). Great job Tania!! xoxo


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    Tania :)

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