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    indobay hits the East Coast…


    I started indobay inc. in October of 2009 with the goal of starting a business where I could create & deliver happiness to everyone including myself. My goal has always been to somehow balance passion, purpose and profits, along with family. Truth be told, at times I do become impatient. Growing a new, online biz can be a slow process especially when you are a one woman show that has to wear many, many hats. However, growing my biz authentically and in a steady pace where I can have some semblance of balance in my life is essential.

    Part of my plan in growing my biz in 2011 was to be able to have indobay products in shops across the U.S. and abroad. As I have shared with you already it is happening…slowly, but surely.

    I am happy to announce indobay products can now be found at the following shops:


    Peachtree Hills

    2320-A Virginia Place,  Atlanta, GA 30305


    Clay, Wood and Cotton

    Visit the shop in the Hudson Valley

    149 Main Street | Beacon, NY 12508

    I’d like to ask you all for your help. If you know of a shop where you are located or elsewhere that you think might be a great fit for indobay products I’d love to hear about it. Please feel free to contact me in the comments below or email me at tania@shopindobayinc.com. Who knows…maybe I will one day be in a shop near you! :)

    ~live SIMPLY, live LOVELY~



    1. OMG I'm on it...I'll start sending you ideas :) WOOHOO Congrats!!

    2. Just sent a link to your etsy shop and emailed my friend who owns a shop here in Maryland. I'll let you know if she is interested. Keeping my fingers crossed! xo Stacie

    3. You ladies are the best!! Your support and enthusiasm means more to me than I could ever express in a comment here on my blog. This THANK YOU is full of gratitude and a big HUG!! :)

    4. Love to see that you are in Georgia! Congrats!


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    Wishing you an inspired day!

    Tania :)

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