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    Hello Monday…

    As I’m writing it is now Monday evening but, nonetheless, still Monday. I didn’t want to go without giving you all a sneak peek at some of what is heading to an Atlanta shop first thing tomorrow morning. I have been working feverishly to get these items made, packaged and shipped. Even though I did feel a little overwhelmed at times I had such a blast crafting it all and making sure it was leaving looking just the way I like…simple, but lovely!
    Watermarking the journals is so meditative for me. I just love the look of the water mark on the inside of the journals…so subtle but so pretty!

    Just recently started printing on a new 100% linen that I’ve purchased from this wonderful shop, Acorn Papery. Printing has never been so good. Truly, the linen is so beautiful that at first I don’t even want to print anything on it. I just want to admire it’s white linen yumminess. Then I print and the result is just so lovely!


    Lots of wine tags were cut, glued and printed along with linen tags printed with words like, “happy”, “renew”, “play”, “dream” and “joy”. Making these little guys make me very happy!

    You will also be able to find my Spring & Whimsy napkins, Simple List Tea Towel and my Vintage Modern Tea Towel. I really am so excited! Once the items have actually reached their new home I will let you know the shop and where to find if you happen to live in the Atlanta area.

    Thanks letting me share. :)

    ~live SIMPLY, live LOVELY~


    1. Looks great, Tania! Very exciting. Congratulations!

    2. Thanks Jamie! I just have to keep the momentum going to get ready for the Market in April. I see lots and lots of printing in my future! :)

    3. I love the way you used the tiny clothespins for the journal packaging. So sweet.

    4. everything you make looks so pretty- and lovely packaging too!

    5. Hi Kristen-using the tiny clothespins was one of those last minute, "i wonder how this will look" thoughts. Luckily I tried it because I loved the way it looked too! Thanks! :)

    6. Thanks Kristin-using your beautiful linen just adds to the total look of my tea towels and napkins...thank you! Packaging is one of my favorite parts of preparing a shipment. I really get so ridiculously excited to see it all come together. :)

    7. Im so happy for you and everything looks so beautiful:) Enjoy your Saturday


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    Tania :)

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