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    Spring is knocking & so is the hammer…

    You may remember almost a year ago when we went from a very tiny, enclosed deck with no fence for the dogs to…


    …a newly expanded, no railings, slatted roof, SO much better outside space. Here’s {the original blog post} just in case you missed it.


    Well at that same time we also made plans to have an L-shaped seating area built so that we could actually use the space as an outside living area. This picture below was our inspiration.


    And finally, almost a year later it is being built. Here is the space before…



    …and below is the progress so far. Right now all there is to see is the framing. However, by the end of today it should look much different. And hopefully by tomorrow it will be ready to actually sit on. Let’s hope…



    There’s my Beagle, Snickers…always has to be in the limelight.


    So far, so good. :)

    ~live SIMPLY, live LOVELY~


    1. Oh my..that looks fantastic! I love your outdoor area. It must be amazing to enjoy the morning sun sitting there:) Kisses and have a lovely Friday

    2. I came across your blog from facebook. I bought my home in June and HATE my backyard. I love what you have done and that is absolutely what I have been wanting to do. I have already emailed my dad the picture and said: "Dad, can you build this for me?" Hehe =) Can't wait to see the finished product! GOOD JOB!

    3. Hi Diana-you are so sweet! Thank you for your kind comments. Our carpenter is working away and I can't help but take sneek peeks every so often. Happy Friday! :)

    4. Hi Heather-Our backyard left much to be desired when we moved in about 2 1/2 years ago. Like I mentioned in my post, it is only a year ago that we started changing things and it has made a huge difference! What we've done is very simple design so if your dad is handy then this will be a breeze. Feel free to email me if you have any questions at all about what we did, materials used, etc. I'd love to chat about it! :)


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    Tania :)

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