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    Good Morning Monday…


    Lots of resting going on in our home as I am tending to a sick little boy…stuffy nose, coughing, sore throat with a bit of the “grumpies”.  Poor lil guy is hardly ever ill so this being sick since Friday is really getting to him. So for now, lots of rest, board games, movies, tea, hot soup and *snuggles* (my favorite part).

    gildingliliesetsy1 zuppaartista1

    {lovely photos via myan art studio}

    Hope to be back here really soon because that will mean my little guy is back on his feet! Be well. :)

    {click top photo for source}

    *live SIMPLY, live LOVELY*


    1. Seeing our babies sick is always a bit heart-wrenching. I'm sorry to learn yours is sick. My littlest - when with a cold or otherwise sick - always asks "Mom, don't you wish it was you who was sick instead?" "You bet!" I say.

    2. Always the correct answer! I'm not sure what's worse for him. Actually being sick or all the homemade remedies being used to make him better. You would think I am using honey & lemon to get back at him for something. ;)

    3. Ohh I hope he will feel better soon and tea and snuggles sound perfect! I simply adore your dog:) Have a great Tuesday


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