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    What’s New Wednesday…Sayulita, Mexico

    Hola…Buen Dia! That’s my leftover spanish from Mexico which by the way was fabulous! As some of you may remember, my family and I spent the Thanksgiving Holiday abroad. If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend the little surf/fishing town of Sayulita, Mexico .


                    sayulitasurfshop bentysurfmex

                                                             (Local surf shop & my boys)

    The mountains, ocean, sunsets were so brilliant! Sayulita had just suffered through a big flood in September which folks said changed the landscape of the beach, not particularly for the better. Nonetheless, this gal did not complain.


    My favorite part was going into town and just taking in the vibrant culture. The colors, the colorful nature of the locals, the festive vibe in the town square even on a Monday night! The locals do not appear to have a lot by way of money. But what they lack in money & material items they more than make up for in spirit and a sense of community.




                                                              (Town Square)

    The architecture was also one of my favorite parts. I promise I barely took pictures of people but of buildings and just places about town.








                              (Even their gates were pretty!)

    This building was one of my favorites. It had cut outs for windows in the shape of hearts. How lovely is that!


    I felt very fortunate to be able to end our days in our little casita with my boys and friends. Where we stayed was quite lovely!

               tyben1  mainhouse1



    As much fun as we had it’s always nice to come back home! Thanks for letting me share. :)

    live SIMPLY, live LOVELY!


    1. All so beautiful!! I love the surf pic of your boys!

    2. Hi Katie-I like that pic too! But I guess I love any pic of my boys. ;)

      Can't wait to see you tonight! :)

    3. Hello Tania, I´m happy to see you´ve had such a great stay with friends and family. What a joy to spend time in what looks like a beautiful place.
      I also want to thank you for such a sweet comment on my blog. I appreciate it.
      I wish you all the best for the holidays. Love, Lena.


    Hi and thanks for leaving a comment! I love reading what you have to say so feel free to write as little or as much as you'd like!

    Wishing you an inspired day!

    Tania :)

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