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    indobay is headed out West…

    bellavita3 {Bella Vita}

    Happy Friday!

    Sorry for my absence this week. If you remember this post from last week then I’m here to say “my cup STILL runneth over” but all in a great way! I have been very busy filling individual orders and a wholesale order that I am sooo very excited about! Soon some of my products will be in stock in a sweet shop in Oakland, California called Bella Vita...



    Having lived in San Francisco for many years I am very familiar with this charming area of Oakland and could not have been happier to prepare my goods to be shipped westward. If you are in the area please go take a peek & tell the shop owner I said hi!

    Bella Vita

    5407 College Avenue

    Oakland, CA 94618

    live SIMPLY, live LOVELY

    {photo source: Bella Vita’s Facebook Page}


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    1. I'm so excited about this! Yay for you!! Looks like the perfect store for your items!


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