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    Play the Name Game & win!…

    color pops magnet bits8

    So I’ve hand-crafted some new itty bitty magnets that I will be adding to the shop very soon. I have a name in mind but I thought it would be fun to get your creative input on what you think they should be called. Here the facts about these tiny little guys to help stir up your creative juices:

    *they are tiny at a little more than 1/4 tall & 1/4 wide

    *they are made from polymer clay with a bright wash of color just on the fronts

    *super strong tiny magnets

    *my nephew says they look like the marshmellows in Lucky Charm cereal. Hmmm…I might need to place a disclaimer in my product description…NOT EDIBLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! ;)

    color pops magnet bits5

    *they are organically shaped by hand. Basically this means they are sort of a cube shape but not perfect, just the way I like them. :)

    color pops magnet bits7

    So what do you think? Leave your ideas in the comments. On Monday I will reveal the name. If I decide to use your idea I will happily send you a wee set (4 in a pack) as a Thank you!

    ~create, love & inspire!~



    1. my ideas are:

      dottie mags.

      mmm.. that's all i got.

    2. Elizabeth-cute names! You and I are somewhat on the same page with your second name idea. I had "dot" in my name.

      Thanks a bunch & if you think of any others don't be shy. You know where to find me. :)

    3. I say...."MINI MAGS." Each word has 4 letters, will be easy to add on a tag/label, sell them in a set of 4, you can make the letters of the "MINI MAGS" the same colors as the 4 cubes..all perfectly color coordinated in your beautiful IndoBay way. :)

    4. They are cute!

      Mallow Dots
      Smoosh Dots

      They do look delicious.

    5. Loving all the names you all have come up with...just awesome! :)

    6. These magnets are so cheery! I can't think of anything super creative right now, but I think the name 'littles' would be cute.

    7. They are adorable! I would say "happy dots" or "small hugs." Love your designs.


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