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    Commit to making a Living from your Art…

    What if we could change the perception of the artist’s journey to making a living from their art? This is a must watch, over and over, if you’ve ever experienced that pause from folks when you tell them you are an artist, that pause that makes you feel like they aren’t taking what you do seriously because it’s not a “real”job… Thank you Marisa for sharing this with me.


    1. Wow thanks for that video... an inspiration as I ponder quitting my day job at some point to just do ART. your blog is beautiful and your home rocks!

    2. Hi Pamela-Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment...so sweet! I'm so glad that you were inspired by the video. I think it was a video with quite an important message.

      Hope to see you here again soon. :)



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