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    The Process


    In preparation for an upcoming craft event that I will be taking part in, I am currently in the magnet making mode. These little beauties were just hand-molded & baked. They now patiently await “the transformation process.”

    Here’s the process:


    : sanding


    : sanding

    : some more sanding

    :and then just a WEE bit more sanding.

    This truly is the most tedious part. After sanding enough of these little suckers can you say CRAMPED HANDS…OUCH! ;)

    Ahhh…but then the really fun part…illustrating these little nuggets. In the end, all the sanding is worth it when I get to see one of these gracing my fridge!


    ~create, love & inspire!~


    1. I love the clean white aesthetic you've got going on. And a total contrast to your last post which was also beautiful! I got buff when I was making wooden toys and sanded so much...it is hard work!

    2. It is hard work! I'm in hot pursuit of a tiny hand held sanding tool. Not really sure if they exist or not but if there is one to be had I will find it. ;)


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