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  • Happy Fourth of July Weekend!! ~ indobay, inc.


    Happy Fourth of July Weekend!!


    averystory4(aVeryStory photography)

    Wishing you a weekend of fireworks, fun & lots of yummy goodness!

    ~create, love & inspire!~


    1. Thanks for using the flags on your blog! I'm surprised they haven't sold yet but that's okay, they look great in my house!! I've never seen your blog before but will now add it on to my blogroll! Have a great 4th :)

      Beryl Lynn

    2. Hi Beryl Lynn-So glad you stopped by. I loved the flags and the chair...so pretty! The chair was made even more beautiful for me when I saw how you transformed it into that yumminess...awesome job! Hope to see you again here. :)

    3. Have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family!

    4. Hi Kristen-Happy Fourth of July to you and you family as well! Hope your new city is feeling more like home. :)


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