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    {my dining room where you can find me working & thinking}

    Another week has come & gone by so very, very quickly. This week I’ve been very introspective and reflective on life, family, business and everything in-between. I think it’s good practice to step back sometimes and look at where you are in life and ask yourself some tough questions…

    {What makes me genuinely happy?}

    {Am I living the life I imagine for myself?}

    {Am I growing my business in the right direction?}

    {In growing my business, am I remaining true to myself & my vision?}

    I actually like thinking about these questions. So often we can go through life almost unconsciously moving forward without ever stopping to check if we are moving in the direction that suits us or feels ‘right’.

    So I leave you today with these questions for you to ponder if you so choose.

    Looking forward to next week where I will share some new products I’ve been busy trying out & something fun for the blog.

    Also after taking a brief break, our “Tag…You’re it!” game will resume and some more awesome talent will be featured.

    Til next week!

    ~create, love & inspire!~


    1. love the colour on your walls ... your dining room looks so peaceful, i like it.

      as for the above questions i think we all ask them or a variation of them from time to time (for me it's a regular thing right now). Most of the time i know the answers but occasionally something will happen to get me thinking. I've learnt that being honest with myself will get me where i want to be, even if it's not the quickest route!

      ps. did you ever come up with a design idea?

    2. Those are great questions Tania!! I especially like that first one, I've been pondering that one for a while now...

    3. Hi Laura-thanks about the nice comment about the dining room. The room has great light throughout the day. It's pretty much where I take all my pics for product shots.

      I am going to "convo" you in regards to the design. :)

    4. Hi Katie-I think that first question is the one that either most people asks themselves or the question that many try to avoid asking themselves. I can honestly say that I am "genuinely so very happy". However, it took me many years of asking questions of myself, going through life changing experiences to be able to move myself in the direction that I intuitively knew was best for me and my son. I don't think I will ever stop asking the tough questions...they keep me aiming for what I want in life. :)

    5. Tania, I love the new look of the blog! And your dining room looks very inviting. Love the light fixture and ceiling! I have one of the white chairs in my office. It's a bit hard on the hindquarters for extended periods of time. ;)
      About the questions you're asking yourself - from this vantage point, I would say you can answer "yes" to all of them. But we are all so much harder on ourselves, aren't we? If we don't challenge ourselves with these questions periodically, we cannot grow, right? My philosophy is to be proud of who I am right now (and be thankful for the hard times that shaped me) and know that I can always improve. xo

    6. Hi Silvana! Thanks for the input on the new blog look. I've been at it for hours & I too am finally starting to feel like it is coming along.

      Love your philosophy...no wonder we get along so well! :)


    7. Love the new blog layout!!! Very easy to navigate!
      See you soon!

    8. Taking a step back is always a good idea. I feel like that is what I am doing right now too. I haven't been making much lately, and I feel like I can't start until I have a clearer vision of what I should be making/doing. Your dining room is so bright and sunny--a great place to work and think I'm sure. Whose surf board is that? I have only been surfing once, but I still dream of life by the ocean as a surfer. I wonder if I can make that happen some day...

    9. Hi Kristen- I think that is smart that you are taking the time to create a clearer vision. I know for myself when I don't have a focused vision for what I want to create I kind of fell like I am all over the place. Sometimes that is ok when experimenting with new designs, products, etc. But I realize I work better & and don't feel so frazzled when I'm creating things that I love and that feel cohesive & "right". :)

      The surf board is my partner's board. He's tried teach me how to surf but I just don't think it's for me. Our son is actually learning which I think is great! But for this gal, I think I'll just be happy to watch them catching waves. :)

    10. Love the questions you've been asking yourself. I've been in the same sort of reflective mood lately.

      Also, your dining room is TO DIE FOR! Can I move in?

    11. Hi Jennifer-I promise there must be a "reflective" bug in the air. I've had so many friends saying the same thing once I've brought the subject up. Hmmm...

      Thanks for the nice comment about my dining room. It is super small but very cozy and looks out to a peaceful lake. It always has great light & therefore it is one of my fave rooms in the house. :)

      Hope to hear from you again! :)


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