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    How do you mend a broken heart…


    This morning I picked up my nephew as usual to take him and my son to camp. Typically my nephew is literally running to the car ready to tell my son about the latest Pokemon he’s captured or some variety of that scenario. Yet, this morning Ty and I found a very somber little boy heading towards the car.

    Ty: “Why the sad face?”


    Me: “Hi buddy! Why do you look so sad? What’s wrong?”

    Nephew: “My bear died.” {said with choked up voice}

    Me: “Oh no. What do you mean your bear died?”

    Nephew: “It used to squeak and now it doesn’t make any sound.”

    I went on to explain that his bear hadn’t died but had lost it’s voice from all the squeaking. Unfortunately, I don’t think nephew found that explanation to be comforting.

    Nephew: “Maybe, but I  think he needs a new heart.”

    Aha…..This I could remedy I thought!

    Hence, the very unpolished, quite amateurish (sp??) little stitched heart you see above. I hope this little heart will  help mend the broken heart of one sweet little boy today.

    I can’t wait to pick the boys up from camp so I can give it to him! :)

    ~Happy Thursday!~


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