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    A Week in Review


    Week of Tagging:

    1. indobay tagged…

    2 The Ardent Sparrow who tagged…

    3. laugh.love.believe who tagged…

    4. Monkey Mind Design who tagged…

    5. P.S. it’s in the details who tagged…

    6. A Very Story…who will be next!

    And what a lovely week it has been! Our fun game of Tag…You’re it! exceeded my expectations. I was awed by all the creative talent from the get-go. But, reading everyone’s lovely words about what inspires them about another “makers” work has only been more fuel for my steadily burning, slightly out of control, creative flame. I just so love seeing creative folks appreciating each other!

    When I reflect back and think about all the folks who participated this week I’m left with such a feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for the time you all took out of your already busy schedules, gratitude for inspiring me and others and mostly gratitude for the beautiful work you put out into the world everyday!

    Simply said…thank you!


    P.S. Please join us next week as the game of “Tag…you’re it!” continues beginning on Monday.

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