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    "What's New Wednesday"...

    ...this new addition to the shop makes me so very "Happy"! A sweet, simple reminder just to be HAPPY!

    Right now I have mine hanging on the door handle of my studio. Before I walk in, it makes me pause and think about what is making me happy at that moment. Where will you hang yours?

    ~Choose to make today a HAPPY day for you!~


    1. Hi there neighbor! Love your new Happy hang tags. Yes,let's get together soon for coffee. My kids have Spring Break next week and we'll be away, so maybe after that!

    2. Hi Melanie! Yes, let's see if we can get together after SpringBreak. :)

    3. Hey...I saw your towel over here (http://nataliejost.com/3412)! Thought I'd let ya know in case you hadn't seen it. ;)

    4. Hi Katie! I had not seen that one...Yay! Thanks for the heads up. :)


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