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    Lots to ponder...

    ...just finished second week of my e-course. Jotted down some quick notes but will defnitely revisit podcast again.


    Right now these are the happy little words swimming in my head. :)


    1. Hey There! I am in the fish bowl e-course with you and wanted to drop by to meet you. I have enjoyed looking over your blog. I agree with all the words you jotted down.... some things to PONDER! Glad we are in class together! Kim

    2. Oh yes, those are fantastic words and your work and blog speaks to them well. I jotted mine down while I was listening (simple pleasures, happy, inner childhood, whimsical, colorful) but I'll be revisiting it as I go along.

    3. Be present. I find this to be the hardest thing but I think it's very important! Glad you're finding so much inspiration from your class!


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