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    decor8 love...

    I LOVE when this happens. You wake up way too early 'cuz you've got a bazillion design ideas running through your head. You head to the studio/office to jot them all down before you quickly forget. You decide to hop on your computer to check out some of your favorite blogs. Lo and behold, what do your sleepy eyes rest upon...indo bay featured on one of the "mack daddy" design blogs, decor8! Me like very much!!!! :)

    Here is the link if you have a few minutes. :)




    1. Tania, congrats! Thats soooooo wonderful! Your shop is beautiful, so glad decor8 agrees!

    2. ...also congratulations from frauheuberg...thanks for visit us on our blog...;)...always fine to meet new people...so i love your products, too...have a lovley week and until then...cheers ines


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