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    with thanks...

    Can you imagine my surprise and joy this morning to find my linen napkins featured on one of my favorite blogs, http://www.nataliejost.com/. You can find my napkins by indo bay textiles under Natalie's Friday Favorites.

    Natalie is the designer and owner of a fantastic line of textile and paper goods called Olivemanna. I have admired her work and her thoughtful blog for some time now. If you get a chance, please visit her website http://www.olivemanna.com/. If you love beautiful textiles and playful paper goods, you will not be disappointed.

    Thanks Natalie!


    1. Congratulations..! And your work looks lovely. I'm off to check out your other things that are calling me from your Etsy store sidebar. :)


    2. Thank you Maria! I'm so happy to see you found my little blog. As you can tell, this blog is very new for me. With so many absolutely beautiful blogs it almost seems silly to add one more. But, I find that even though I may not have time to journal everyday, I enjoy sharing with others. And may I add, your blog, Vintage Simple is one of the most beautiful blogs I have had the pleasure of stumbling upon. Thank you for sharing. :)



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